M-Coating Unit Cures Manhole Infiltration

DrainsAid were contracted by a Council to undertake a drainage rehabilitation scheme using a variety of techniques including Excavation, CIPP Lining and M-Coating Manhole Rehabilitation. The manhole requiring rehabilitation was 4m deep with 1800mm diameter concrete rings and was suffering


Hot CIPP trenchless sewer rehabilitation for residential street in Doncaster

Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation for Residential Area

The task By utilising the KrasoSluice inversion drum, DrainsAid were able to undertake the preventative rehabilitation of a 54m x 150mm sewer network. We opted to use the Hot CIPP lining method in conjunction with a Type II structural lining


Drainage repairs for food factory - Excavation & Repairs

Excavation & Replacement at Major Factory

Initially, DrainsAid undertook Jetting and CCTV investigative works to understand the current condition of the drainage systems at a major factory in Yorkshire. After uncovering a number of faults within the system, we advised our clients that replacement actions were


Hot CIPP Lining, Dewsbury

Before and After Hot CIPP Lining in Dewsbury

DrainsAid were tasked with the proactive rehabilitation of a 95m x 150mm, circular, sewer line in a rural field location in Dewsbury. The vitrified clay sewer line had numerous points of damage, including large longitudinal cracks and fractures. By installing