DrainsAid were tasked with the proactive rehabilitation of a 95m x 150mm, circular, sewer line in a rural field location in Dewsbury. The vitrified clay sewer line had numerous points of damage, including large longitudinal cracks and fractures. By installing a Type II, Hot CIPP Liner, we were able to rehabilitate the pipeline and prevent further deterioration.

The sewer line resided under a field just off Thornhill Road, which had limited access for vehicles. Due to the uneven surface of the field, and the conditions of the ground due to recent weather conditions, track-ware was laid from the entrance of the field to the manhole access point. This allowed our vehicles to easily drive in and out of the field.

DrainsAid Hot CIPP Lining

Hot CIPP Lining – The Process

Firstly, we conducted an initial CCTV survey to establish flows and conditions and undertake any required root cutting operations. The line was then thoroughly cleaned using our Recycling Jet Vac Tanker.

Using our Kraso Sluice Inversion drum, we installed the type II, polyurethane liner into sewer pipe.  The process uses water pressure from our Tanker to fill the liner to capacity with the hydraulic force of water pushing the liner to the desired position at the downstream manhole. This process inverts the liner leaving the resin impregnated side to cure to the existing pipes internal walls, and the smooth coating to become the inner pipeline.

Hot CIPP Lining using Kraso Sluice Inversion Drum

To cure the liner efficiently, heater hoses were passed through and a boiler was used to heat the circulating water at a temperature of 90 degrees.

Results show the sewer line has been fully rehabilitated, with the lining sealing all cracks, fissures and holes, which will ensure in/exfiltration will no longer occur. The Hot CIPP Lining rehabilitation has strengthened the weak expanses and improved the overall structure of the sewer line.

The Results

Our video shows the pre and post survey of the pipeline before and after the installation of the Hot CIPP Lining.