DrainsAid, based in Wakefield, were recently tasked with fully rehabilitating a manhole in Harrogate. The manhole that required rehabilitation was 1.5m in diameter and 1.8m deep, suffering from root ingress.

The Hermes M-Coating technique, using KS1 ERGELIT mortar, was selected as the best repair technique for this project. The procedure is ideal for repairing both circular and rectangular manholes of up to 15m in depth.

Before carrying out the M-Coating process our team had to complete extensive root removal.

mass of roots from manhole chamber

The M-Coating process has three stages cleaning, resin injection (if necessary) and then applying the cementitious mortar coating to the chamber walls. Our team used the TSSR cleaning head, which can be used in shafts up to 3 metres wide, to clean the manhole and ensure the surface was fully prepared to be coated. Water is discharged from the cleaning head at up to 380 bar making it perfect for scouring the concrete surface and removing any loose material. This left a clean, firm surface for the ERGELIT Mortar to bind to.

Our operatives then added the KS1 mortar to the built-in mixer housed in the M-Coating trailer. The mixer produces the necessary mortar consistency and pumps this into the centrifugal spray head. This spray head runs at 5000 rotations per minute and travels up and down the chamber until the predetermined thickness is reached, which in this project was 10mm.

The control system for the M-Coating process is entirely automated which ensures a compact coat of the required thickness is applied every time, at a speed that could never be replicated by hand. The control system also sends back continuous readings, including the time remaining and the mortar required, allowing our operatives to closely monitor every step of the process.

The manhole was fully rehabilitated and back in operation within 1 hour of curing, making it by the far the most time efficient and cost-effective method available. To find out more about M-Coating or any of our other lining, cleaning or drain unblocking services then please visit our website at www.drainsaid.com or get in contact with us on 0800 0180 123 or at service@drainsaid.com.