The Task

DrainsAid were recently tasked with installing 98 metres of 225mm liner to rehabilitate a pipe in Wetherby. The pipe was not functioning properly due to root infestation. The installation of a new liner also served as a means of pollution prevention via exfiltration.

The method selected for this project was hot cure lining. This is a form of trenchless technology that uses hot water to cure the resin impregnated liner, creating a new ‘pipe in pipe’. Hot cure was the chosen method for this installation due to the multiple bends present in the drain under repair.

How it was undertaken

Arriving on site to install the liner our team made sure all the correct traffic and pedestrian management was established. Traffic management was crucial in this project due to the location of the entry manhole which meant one side of the road was blocked by our operatives and their vehicles.

Before lining could commence our operatives undertook a pre cleaning CCTV survey, followed by jetting the sewer. They then used one of our robotic cutters to identify all the lateral connections that would need re-opening following the installation of the new liner.


The team installed the 98m of 225mm liner with the help of a Kraso Sluice. They fed the inverted liner through the sluice and then filled the liner with water up to the sluice. The water was circulated at 60°C until the resin within the liner was fully cured, leaving a new ‘pipe in pipe’. The time needed to cure the liner was predetermined and closely measured throughout.

Following the successful curing of the liner a robotic cutter was used to re-open all the pre-measured lateral connections before a final CCTV survey was undertaken and the site was dismantled.

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