DrainsAid, based in Leeds, were called upon by a commercial client to deliver with the rehabilitation of two cast iron water mains which were suffering from exfiltration.

The assets in need of repair incorporated 45 degree bends and ran underneath a busy main road so our solution needed to be trenchless, capable of withstanding the operating pressure within a water main and the abnormal loads applied by the highway traffic, as well as being able to negotiate multiple 45 degree bends.

Our solution was to install two 18.1m lengths of DN250 Brawoliner XT cured in place pipe. The Brawoliner, supplied by RSM Lining Supplies, has higher stiffness whilst still maintaining its unique flexibility. For this reason, the liner is ideal for the renovation of structurally impaired or deep pipes with bends and changes in diameter.

Access to the mains was created by removal of flanged pipework in an inspection chamber at the side of the road. This allowed our operatives to undertake a pre works CCTV Survey to obtain exact lining measurements and check for any anomalies which may hinder the lining process. The surface of the pipe is then prepared using high pressure jetting using one of our Recycling Jet-Vac Units to remove any encrustation and a final CCTV Survey pass is done prior to the CIPP liner installation.brawoliner technology being used to rehabilitate water mains

The two liners, manufactured and impregnated with resin by RSM Lining Supplies, were installed on consecutive days. Each one was delivered in a refrigerated van on the morning of installation, preventing them from going off in storage.

Both liners were installed via the same access point using a Kraso Sluice inversion drum and compressed air. This method is very fast and allows for versatility on site as well as adhering to the small site footprint required.

Once the liners were installed both ends of the liner were sealed using the Quick-Lock liner end sleeve, which permanently seals the end of a liner to the host pipe.

Upon completion we conducted a post-lining CCTV Survey of the pipe for QA purposes and to issue out to our client.

Two 28.1m water mains were fully rehabilitated within 2 days on site causing minimal disruption to site operation and zero disruption to the live highway.

Job well done by all involved.