The Task

DrainsAid recently used Ultraviolet Cure to rehabilitate a 17-metre section of damaged pipe in a residential area in Sheffield. The pipe was being compromised by a large fracture and suffering from infiltration. The Ultraviolet Cure technique was the preferred method of rehabilitation in this project as the site was located in a busy residential area, next to a main road. UV lining allowed for the site footprint to be kept to a minimum. UV liners can also be installed quicker than any other method available, which made it perfect for this highly trafficked area. Overall, this method ensured as little disruption was caused for the local residents as possible.

How was the project undertaken?

Our team arrived on site and set up the necessary traffic and pedestrian management. This was of crucial importance due to the previously mentioned heavy traffic and footfall present at the site.

The team then cleaned the sewer using a high-pressure water jet and completed CCTV surveys to confirm the cleanliness and establish flow conditions.

Our operatives then had to set up the necessary over pumping measures that were required to ensure that the section of pipe to be lined was free form flow and ready to be repaired.

ultraviolet Hachler Light Train

A 1m x 375m CIPP patch repair was firstly installed to solve the infiltration issue and ensure the pipe stayed during the works.

17m x 375mm of resign impregnated speedy liner, supplied by RSM Lining Solutions, was then winched into place between the two manhole chambers. The liner was slightly inflated so that the UV light train could be installed and the ‘end cans’ could be fixed to the liner. The liner was then inflated slowly in measured increments until it reached the size and shape of the host pipe. The Hachler UV light train was pulled through the liner with the speed and output of the UV lamps being controlled and monitored via the UV rigs on board computers. The level of control that our team were able to exert over the curing process ensured that a full and precise cure was achieved.

This trenchless ‘pipe in pipe’ solution provided the most quick and effective solution for the issues encountered. The UV cure technique also has the added environmental bonus of offering a considerably lower carbon footprint than any of the other alternative methods.

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