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Drain & Sewer CCTV Inspection

If you think there are problems with your drainage system but cannot identify what it is, or you simply want to understand the extent and condition of your drains, then our range of survey services will provide you with the detailed information you require.

We provide our drainage survey services across the whole of Yorkshire including Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and York.


Our surveys are captured and recorded in a detailed report and presented to you on a DVD providing a visual and accurate assessment of the condition of your drain or sewer. All commercial surveys are carried out to Water Industry Standards using our Wincan operation system in accordance with the WRC.

On all commercial drain or sewer surveys we supply a full written report, colour photographs, description of defects, depths, location and measurements, plus recommendations along with a quotation for the repairs and DVD evidence.

Download Our CCTV Brochure Here

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Main Line Crawler

Our latest Main Line Crawler system offers a real time surveying package that increases the accuracy in the reporting within pipelines whilst speeding up the process. Some of the benefits of this system are:

  • Surveys compiled and finalised on site
  • Client specific digitised paperwork
  • Full pan and tilt with rotating camera
  • 10x optical zoom including auto focus & LED lighting
  • Survey up to 600 metres of unbroken pipework
  • 360 degree viewing
  • Option of having still photos
  • CCTV survey of pipes up to 2.8 metres in diameter

Push Rod System

DrainsAid has invested in the latest evolution in portable and compact CCTV push rod systems. This 100 metre fibreglass reinforced pushrod is able to inspect pipes ranging from 50mm to 225mm as well as negotiate multiple bends in very tight spaces with limited access. Most suited to domestic uses with low flow levels. The push rod system comes with full colour recording capabilities as well as the following features:

  • 3 x Zoom function – on live or recorded video
  • Very lightweight
  • High resolution TFT screen
  • 100mm survey capability from one access point
  • Suitable for domestic drains
  • On-screen meterage and text writer
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Sewer Location Survey

When needing to identify existing drainage layouts, location surveys are a beneficial method of mapping the layout and providing you with valuable information. Cover levels and invert levels are recorded topographically using one of our GPS total stations while the line and level of the pipe routes are located using a sonde.

The sonde is inserted along the pipe length and located at ground level using tracing equipment. The located pipe route is then marked up. The survey markings are then recorded topographically by a fully trained surveyor, using the latest GPS total station surveying equipment. The recorded information is then passed to our specialist CAD team, and an AutoCAD drawing of the information is produced.

Laser Profiling

The use of PVC pipes is much more commonplace in this day and age, often being used in place of clay and concrete pipes due to the reduced cost. However, they can be more susceptible to warping and deformation which will have a negative effect on the structural integrity of the pipes.

Our laser profiling technology uses a laser to project a profile on to the surface of the pipe and feedback accurate information about the shape, capacity and deformation. It can provide both pre and post lining assessments. All this is done in conjunction with a normal CCTV survey and allows you to quantify information of the pipe which helps in analysis and decision making for refurbishment.

Laser profiling can detect deformations greater than 1% in pipes ranging from 150mm to over 700mm in diameter. We also have the capability to undertake 500m of profiling from one access point.

For more information about our laser profiling capabilities, watch our video or read our brochure.

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