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Hermes M-Coating System

The innovative Hermes M-Coating System used in conjunction with ERGELIT dry mortars is the perfect technology for manhole coating and has been a proven method of rehabilitating corroded and/or leaking manholes since 1999. There are several types of Mortar, which can be tailored to suit the application i.e. for H2S attack.

The M-Coating system is a solution that can be used on a wide range of applications including tunnel maintenance, bunds, culverts and any other surface or structure that requires a protective coating.  One of the key benefits of the system is that it is a compact unit and allows access to assets in restricted working locations.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Manholes are an important part of a sewer or drainage network, as they allow access for the inspection and maintenance of sewer systems. However, their own maintenance is as important as that of the rest of the network. If manholes are not correctly maintained in a serviceable condition, they increase the risk of infiltration, allowing unwanted groundwater in to the network. In extreme neglected situations, they can even collapse, causing disruption to both the network and general public.

DrainsAid provide an innovative solution for the repair and maintenance of manholes and chambers; the Hermes M-Coating Unit.

M-Coating Manhole Rehabilitation Before and After

The Rehabilitation Process

The process is computer controlled from the surface, allowing operatives to work outside the chamber with minimal entry requirements.

Firstly, manholes are cleaned using the integral dual rotating high pressure jets on a computer controlled, automated winch, leaving a firm surface for the M-Coating ERGELIT mortar to bond to.

The M-Coating process is based on an integrated system consisting of a mixer, a pump and a centrifugal spray. Once cleaned the high pressure jetting head is replaced with a centrifugal spray head to apply the M-Coating mortar to the walls of the manhole, again controlled remotely.

The computer controlled centrifugal spray runs at 5000 rotations per minute and operates until the pre-determined coating thickness is reached.

If you require any manhole rehabilitation or maintenance service, please get in touch. From our base in Wakefield we can cover the whole of Yorkshire including Leeds, Bradford, York and Sheffield.

Spray Lining Capabilities

Spray lining using ERGELIT dry mortar is a high quality alternative to CIPP lining pipe rehabilitation.

The tunnel in need of renovation is flushed through with our cleansing equipment, so that it is free of debris. Afterwards, the pipe is thoroughly cleaned using the rotating spray-head.

Holes or joints permitting water ingress are sealed off using ERGELIT KBi Injection mortars, before lining begins. DrainsAid can provide both horizontal spray lining services using our M-Coating Trolley System or by hand-held wet spraying.

The mortars quick setting time ensures flows are only interrupted for short periods of time. Wastewater can resume flows 4 hours after the spraying is completed. The process provides results which will remain effective for decades.

M-Coating Horizontal Spray Lining Culvert

M-Coating Benefits

  • Manhole restoration with our M-Coating System has increased health & safety benefits, due to the minimal need for man entry
  • Chambers up to 25 meters deep can be coated to any realistic thickness
  • Proven to stop water infiltration quickly and efficiently
  • Proven to rehabilitate and protect against H2S attack
  • Very fast application process saving time and cost
  • Compact unit and allows access to assets in restricted working locations
  • Cost effective Integrated cleaning and application unit operated by one team

DrainsAid have 4 years experience providing successful results with our Hermes M-Coating System. Read about our M-Coating projects on our Case Studies page.

Download The M-Coating Brochure Here 

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