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Drains are very complex things, which can from time to time become blocked by things within your  control – this is generally a clear indication that your drains are becoming blocked.

At DrainsAid, our highly skilled blocked drain clearance specialists know the ins and outs of identifying a blocked drain and clearing it. Their input has been used to prepare this article in order to help Yorkshire residents understand the key elements that can block drains, and what to do to prevent it from happening.

1)    Trees, leaves and garden plants – one of the main causes of blocked drains is debris from trees and plants. To prevent a drain blockage from the living things in your garden make sure you regularly sweep away any leaves or debris that surround your home, particularly in the Autumn months, to try and prevent drain blockages.

2)    Grease and Fat – perhaps one cause of drain blockages that isn’t always recognised by Yorkshire households is grease and fat. If there is any excess liquids from cooking do not put them into your drains, as the fats will eventually cool down and stick to the interior wall of your drainpipes. This will cause a blockage and you will need professionals like our blocked drain clearance experts to fix the issue. We recommend storing the liquid in a jar, and then discarding into a bin when cool.

3)    Hair – Large amounts of hair can block drains in your baths and showers so you need to make sure that you remove it on a weekly basis to ensure that water drains through quickly and effectively. Open the cover of your shower or bath drain and remove the hair when you do your weekly bathroom clean.

4)    Wet wipes  – This is the most common cause to blocking your drains. Although they seem harmless and some are marketed as ‘flushable’ or ‘biodegradable’ they don’t dissolve in water. Which means, when flushed they can eventually block your pipes. This can leave your drains in an unpleasant situation and may begin to make your bathroom very smelly but more importantly un-hygienic. When you use the toilet, never flush wet wipes, they should be wrapped up in a bag and placed in a bin.

The issues above are all elements that can be controlled by any Yorkshire resident to prevent drains from being blocked. However, it must be said that other things such as storms and heavy rainfall, as well as structural or installation errors can also cause drain blockages – which are obviously out of the control of any homeowner.

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a blocked drain and need a local, reliable and experienced technician to come and help unblock your pipes, then DrainsAid are the team for you. Our blocked drain clearance experts have cleared drains in households and businesses in the Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield and surrounding Yorkshire area for years, and are all highly trained within the field.

To speak with our staff about blocked drains, please call DrainsAid’s head office in Wakefield on 0800 018 0123.