Wakefield based DrainsAid, the drainage repairs and maintenance arm of Peter Duffy Limited, recently received an urgent enquiry from a client based in Doncaster regarding blocked drains.

The client had reported foul waste backing up into the flats in their property. This was due to a blocked internal soil stack within the high-rise, residential building. The blockage was located on the 3rd floor and the client had attempted to remove this using their own drainage rods, but unfortunately couldn’t reach from the roof.

Following receipt of the information to our emergency hotline, we mobilised a team to attend with equipment specifically used for internal drainage; the Picote Maxi Miller and SEEsnake CCTV camera.

Our operatives arrived on site and commenced there investigation to locate the blockage from the roof access. The first challenge encountered was that pipe was suffering from heavy encrustation, which didn’t allow enough room to get the camera into the soil stack. We recommended that this heavy scale be removed from the pipe using our Picote Maxi Millar at a later date. For now, we had to focus on the removal of the blockage, before further disruption was caused to the tenants.

DrainsAid use Picote Maxi Miller

Our operatives were able to gain access to a flat on the 4th floor and remove the sink waste pipe, allowing them to create enough space for the SEEsnake camera to access the internal soil stack and assess the blocked drains. Following this assessment, the Picote Maxi Miller was inserted into the internal soil stack from the same point and removed the blockage with ease.

DrainsAid’s continued investment in innovative equipment made the completion of this job possible. With the Picote Maxi Miller and SEEsnake camera operated by our highly skilled technicians, we were able to deliver a solution for the client within 4 hours of receiving the emergency call.

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