DrainsAid were tasked with the restoration of a 30m x 300mm length of drain pipe, near Pontefract Road, Ackworth.

The site’s vehicle access was limited, as the line’s entrance point is in a remote location. Therefore we used a quad bike and trailer to transport our equipment from a nearby road, to the site.

A proactive CCTV investigation of the sewer highlighted the defects within the 30m length of pipe. 

The best solution to rehabilitate the pipe, was to use an Ambient CIPP liner to strengthen the weak expanses and improve the overall structure of the line.

Although a manhole to manhole rehabilitation is considered easier to undertake, this particular section required an open-ended ‘blind-shot’ installation.

Kraso Sluice DrainsAid

We used jetting and robotic cutting equipment during the preparation of the pipe, to conduct routine cleansing and de-silting services. 

This included using a portable IMS Drive Lateral Cutter to remove any obtrusions, such as tree roots, prior to repair.

An appropriate sized liner tube was then cut to length, filled with 4.5% Epoxy Resin and installed using a Kraso Sluice inversion drum and compressed air.

This particular method is very fast and versatile, which enabled the existing flows to be managed effectively. The process also allowed the liner to be installed using only one access point.

Kraso Sluice Inversion Drum DrainsAid

Upon completion we conducted a post-lining CCTV investigation, to ensure all defects were covered by the new lining. This was especially important after using the blind-shot method, as we had to confirm that the new lining repaired all the existing pipe’s faults.

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