DrainsAid, based near Leeds, West Yorkshire, recently undertook a large-scale culvert rehabilitation for a commercial client at a site in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

We used ultra-violet cure during this project, installing 123m x 1350mm dia of resin impregnated liner. The liner installed weighed a huge 9.4 tonnes and was 15mm thick.

This project was our largest UV Cure liner installation to date and a great achievement for the company, delivering a project which had its challenges, not least the flooding of November 2019.uv liner

Our team commenced on site by preparing the culvert for installation. CCTV surveys of the culvert were undertaken to obtain measures and get a closer look at the current condition. It was noted there was a slight bend in the culvert as well as various historical seals (21 in total) which were to be removed by a four-man confined space man entry team.

Upon receiving delivery of the liner from RSM Lining Supplies and manufacturers BKP Berolina the lining delivery crate was positioned in such a way that a towable roller bed could be placed between it and the culvert entrance. This allowed the liner to be placed into position prior to entering the pipe. An excavator was then used to slew the liner from the crate allowing straps to be installed around the liner to be able to secure the winch wire correctly and start the lifting of the liner into position, continually slewing the liner onto the roller bed as the liner is pulled into place with the winch.

Fully curing this liner, given its size and thickness, took a total of 22 hours (10cm per minute). The liner had to be gradually blown up to size in increments before the Hächler SK1500 light train was mechanically winched through the pipe to cure the liner.

The whole curing process was mechanically controlled and continuously monitored by our operatives, with a camera on the front of the light train allowing them to view the liner both before and throughout the curing process.

This was a challenging job for our team but in just a couple of days on site our operatives managed to fully rehabilitate the 123m stretch of pipe. A great job done by all involved.