DrainsAid were recently tasked with rehabilitating a freshwater culvert in Sheffield. This project forms part of the flood alleviation scheme in the area, following the excessive rainfall and flooding that has hit South Yorkshire recently.

The culverts on this scheme were suffering from infiltration, root ingress and were in a reasonably poor condition, in addition they experience reasonably high flows.

Due to these factors it was decided that the best method for rehabilitation would be using the steam cure technique. The benefits of using this technique were the fast curing time and the minimal impact it has on the environment when compared to hot water cure method. Due to the infiltration in the culverts and high flows it was deemed to be a more suitable option also when compared with UV Cure.

It was decided that the best method of approach was to install three separate CIPP liners to rehabilitate the full length of the culvert.

before and after the project

Each of the three lengths of the culvert were worked in isolation, with our operatives undertaking a pre cleaning CCTV survey, cleaning and root cutting, liner installation, re-opening of lateral connections using robotic cutter and finally a post installation CCTV survey.

Our skilled operatives undertook all the above works and installed 72m x 300m, 54m x 375mm and 48m x 300mm of steam cured liner within 3 days on site, fully rehabilitating this culvert with a life expectancy of 50+ years.

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