DrainsAid use new Brawoliner technology to rehabilitate internal waste pipe in residential property.

When called to site, access and location of the suspected damaged pipe made for difficult initial investigation. This had to be undertaken from both the toilet and the external soil stack using our ‘sea snake’ CCTV camera. Build-up of encrustation in the pipe didn’t make the damage easily identifiable.

Our site engineer recommended we use of one of our Picote Millers to remove the encrustation allowing for further survey works to be undertaken. A second survey highlighted the problem area in an instant which allowed us to provide remedial recommendations to our client.

We recommended installing a Brawoliner cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) to repair the damage identified in the vertical stack. The Brawoliner process was developed specifically for the rehabilitation of pipes in diameters from DN50- DN250 and offers many advantages compared to traditional remediation such as:

  • Quick rehabilitation without excavation, dirt and noise
  • A durability of over 50 years
  • Line pipes with multiple bends up to 90 degrees
  • Line pipes with two changes in pipe diameter if requiredBrawoliner

The Brawoliner was installed from the external soil stack and left to cure. Once the Brawoliner was cured and an incoming connection was re-opened using the Picote Miller the pipe was back in full serviceable condition. All works completed in under 5 hours on site, overcoming extremely difficult access with minimal disruption.

Great job by all involved.