A large Yorkshire based brewery called upon DrainsAid to help manage their on-site drainage.

The client tasked us to carry out a full CCTV and GPS survey of their site in order to map the drainage and sewer connections across throughout the site. In conjunction with these works the client requested DrainsAid to provide a full report identifying any rehabilitation works required.

The client was planning extensive infrastructure investment across the site and as part of this wanted to obtain an up to date log of all assets and their current state of repair.

In order to fulfil the client brief, we firstly undertook an exhaustive CCTV and GPS survey. These works allowed for locating and mapping all site drainage and obtaining all associated levels. We also recorded the types of system on site whether it be foul, surface, combined or effluent.

Due to a build-up of debris and silt over time some of the surveys could not be completed in the first instance. We called upon our Jet-Vac Tanker to come in and clean the drainage and undertake root cutting as required in order to create full access for our camera systems to complete the required surveys. In order to successfully carry out these surveys our team used as a range of equipment including our new IPEK Ravion CCTV Unit.

All data collated on site was sent back to the office and processed with the output being an in-depth and accurate Wincan VX CCTV condition report identifying repairs and rehabilitation needed for each pipe, and an AutoCAD drainage layout drawing.

When undertaking this project, the team encountered several challenges on site. Carrying out their CCTV and GPS surveys resulted in several logistical issues. The brewery site had to remain operational whilst the work was being undertaken. Our team were more than happy to comply with the clients’ wishes on this and endeavoured to use techniques which ensured minimal disruption to site operations. The team had to adjust their process of working, such as using mobile camera equipment and working on weekends when the brewery was less active. The team’s initial intent was to only use GPS to survey the site. However, this proved impossible due to the large brewery buildings resulting in poor signal around site. Due to this challenge the team utilised a total station to gather the data they needed. This had the restriction of needing to be set up in one location for an extended period and having a clear line of sight to points of interest.

DrainsAid successfully fulfilled the client’s brief whilst keeping disruption for the brewery site operations to a minimum. Should you wish to know more about our range of services or discuss how you think we can help with your drainage needs then please visit https://www.drainsaid.com or call us on 0800 0180123.