The Task

DrainsAid were recently tasked with removing a large amount of concrete from a 20-metre culvert in Otley. The concrete filled 50% of the pipes cross sectional area over this length.

How was the most effective means selected?

The Hachler HF 200 Plus robotic cutter was selected due to the large amount of concrete that was causing the obstruction. The hydraulic milling robot HF 200 is an extremely flexible device and is even ideal for egg-shaped sections. The robot is able to perform both milling procedures on pipe walls whilst removing any obstacles in its path. The unit can cut into drains ranging from 225mm to 750mm.concrete removal from culvert

The Process

Using the Hachler Climb Milling Robot we undertook a thorough CCTV survey of the section of the watercourse that was due to be worked upon. The cutter was lowered to the culvert entrance with operatives positioned to help guide the cutter in without damage to either culvert or robot. Another operative was permanently situated in one of our robotic cutting vehicles, operating the robot and monitoring the progress of the concrete removal.

The constant stream of running water through the culvert meant that the concrete was flushed out once the Hachler HF 200 had cut it away. Two more of our team were then situated at the downstream manhole, approximately 20 metres across the street, to remove the cut away concrete.robotic cutter used to remove concrete

Once all the concrete had been removed our team completed a final CCTV survey to ensure that no obstructions remained. A record of this was then provided to our client. This project was completed over 2 days on site and the use of trenchless techniques saved a vast amount of time, money and disruption when compared to traditional excavation and replace methods.

If you would like to find out more about our range of robotic cutters or any of our other drain lining, cleaning or unblocking services then please visit or give us a call on 0800 0180 123 and we would be more than happy to assist.concrete removal from culvert