One of our teams recently completed a localised rehabilitation of a 225mm diameter pipe, by installing a 3-metre patch, in a residential area in Harrogate. Patch repair technique was selected due to the localised nature of the damage. This technique is both fast and cost-effective and provides the perfect solution for when a pipe is compromised by smaller-scale issues such as root ingress, cracks, fractures or holes.

One of the key challenges our teams faced in this project was the difficult terrain surrounding the manhole. The manhole was located in a wooded area, surrounded by local houses, at the bottom of a steep incline. To combat this extra special care had to be taken to ensure the equipment and operatives remained safe and that the project could be completed successfully.

Our team began by completing a CCTV survey to establish flow conditions and obtain an accurate measure on defects. The sewer was then jetted in preparation for the CIPP patch repair.

Following this our operatives prepared the patch by impregnating the pre-measured sleeve with silicate resin. The resin was worked in using scrapers and once impregnated the fibre matting was wrapped around a packer. The packer was then lowered into the manhole and pulled into position, before being inflated to repair the defect.

Once the patch had fully cured the packer was deflated and removed from the sewer. A final CCTV survey was then completed to confirm the successful curing of the patch.

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