DrainsAid are pleased to report they have recently completed the installation of a 45m x 600mm x 600mm steam cure CIPP liner in a square stone culvert in Uppermill. The liner was installed to alleviate long term surface water flooding in the area on behalf of the Environment Agency.

The project involved desilting approximately 90m x 750mm of pipe and box culvert, as well as a holding area in the Duck Pond which contained about 51 tonnes of silt. DrainsAid worked alongside RSM Lining Supplies to successfully install the steam cure CIPP liner, which was the equivalent of 764mm in diameter with a lining thickness of 14mm.

The steam cure method was chosen instead of the more traditional hot cure method to reduce the amount of styrene water potentially discharging into the surface water and also to give the liner the best chance of adhering to the shape of the existing culvert and to improve its structural integrity. The installation took place over a 10 hour period to minimise disruption to locals and to ensure works were completed on programme between heavy rain showers and winter working conditions.

DrainsAid’s state of the art JHL 414 Recycling Jet-Vac Tanker was utilised to remove the 51 tonnes of silt. The recycler unit was used on site rather than a traditional excavator/grab to utilize its powerful suction and  remove silt from the duck pond. The water recycling capability of this unit allowed us to set on up the culvert and cleanse throughout the duration of the shift without the need to re-fill with water. This allowed for more productivity per shift and also demonstrating the environmental benefits associated with water re-use.

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