DrainsAid were recently appointed by Barhale on behalf of Anglian Water to rehabilitate 25 manholes in Little Wakering near Southend. The manholes were suffering from water infiltration costing water treatment facilities and consumers large amounts of money.

Using our Hermes M-Coating system we set to task rehabilitating these problem manholes. The manholes were cleaned using integral dual rotating high pressure jets on an automated winch, leaving a firm surface for the M-Coating ERGELIT mortar to bond to. The cleaning jet was then replaced with the centrifugal applicator head which runs at 5000 rotations per minute and applies a pre-determined thickness of the cementitious mortar to the manhole wall to fully seal and refurbish it.


Pre rehabilitation                                                    Post rehabilitation                                     

One of the key health and safety benefits of the Hermes M-coating system is that the cleaning and application phase of the process can be undertaken without the need for any man entry. The necessary technical equipment is housed in the specially built trailer and the process is computer controlled from the surface, allowing operatives to work outside the chamber with minimal entry requirements

The 4 man team led by foreman Mark Wood were M. Young, S. Harrison & P. Lennox. The programme of refurbishment involved following a contractor working for Anglian Water who were relining the sewers on a very tight traffic management programme. In addition to the manhole rehabilitation, DrainsAid were asked by the lining contractor to supply a robotic cutting/camera van to assist with their lining works for a duration of three weeks. The cutting team were M. Moxon & R. Smith who in turn did the company proud.

 We would like to thank the lads on a job well done.