The Task

DrainsAid, the drainage division of Peter Duffy Ltd, were tasked with the rehabilitation of a 65m x 300mm vitrified clay sewer main on Footpath Love Lane, in York city centre. By proactively removing and repairing root intrusions, we were able to prevent possible pollution incidents of a nearby watercourse.

Due to the size and location of the pipe, our proposed solution was to install a UV CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) liner inside the circular sewer pipe to repair the voids and prevent further deterioration.


When our team arrived on site, they carried out a thorough CCTV inspection of the sewer, to determine the location of root ingress and any damage that had been caused. After detecting debris within the pipeline, our Jet Vac Tanker was utilised to cleanse and desilt the pipe. A Hachler robotic cutter was also used to remove any obtrusions such as root ingress within the line, in preparation for the lining process.

DrainsAid UV Lining Team in York

Using our cutting edge UV lining system, we were able to reline the pipe, pro-actively repairing any minor damage within the pipe, to prevent deterioration. The UV method involves winching the protected Liner through the host pipe and inflating to the desired pressure. The light-sensitive liner is then cured using a suitably sized UV light train, that traverses the length of the liner at a controlled speed. Readings were sent back to our control unit every two seconds to ensure a full and precise cure was achieved.

This modern trenchless technique offers a considerably lower carbon footprint than that of more traditional lining methods, as it requires a minimum expenditure of energy. Not only this, but it also significantly reduces the environmental risk of styrene pollution. Faster than any other relining method currently available, UV lining allowed us to minimise disruption to traffic and residents within this central York location.

UV Light TrainUV Light Train

Upon curation of the liner, we used our Hachler HF 200 robotic cutter to re-open the three lateral connections. This robust, powerful robot, can travel up to 90m away from the manhole or access point, and allowed us to re-open all laterals within an hour. Due to the fast installation process and short curation time required for a UV repair, all works were completed in just one day.

UV lining before and after