DrainsAid, based in Wakefield, recently rehabilitated 65 metres of 225mm dia pipe in Thorner, Leeds. The pipe was suffering from extensive root infestation. This project also served as a preventative measure against any future pollution of the surrounding watercourses.

CIPP pipe lining using ultraviolet cure was the preferred method of repair as it ensured that the project could be completed as quickly as possible, keeping disruption to a minimum. Our operatives managed to complete the installation of this liner in just a matter of hours.

Arriving at site our operatives set out all the necessary traffic and pedestrian management, cordoning off their work area and establishing a three-way traffic light system to control any passing traffic.

Before installing the liner, our team had to carry out an extensive root removal, using our enz chanflail 10.800R root cutter. The section of pipe was being compromised by root ingress making this part of the project crucial.

Following the removal of all the roots the sewer was cleaned using one of our high-pressure water jets. It was now ready to be lined.

pipe rehabilitation - traffic management

65m x 225mm of resin impregnated BKP liner, supplied by RSM Lining Supplies, was installed by our operatives. This was done by winching the liner into place between the two manhole chambers, before inflating it in measured increments until it reached the size and shape of the host pipe.

The Hachler UV light train was then pulled through the liner to cure the resin, UV lamps and speed of the light train was all monitored and controlled carefully by our team using the UV rigs on board computers.pipe rehabilitation - monitoring project progress

The use of UV lining technology by our operatives enabled them to complete this full rehabilitation in just a matter of hours, causing minimal disruption for the residents and the surrounding environment.

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pipe rehabilitation - final result