Drains Aid - Chalets

Drains Aid employees Michael Duffy and Chris O’Hara surpassed expectations with their latest charity venture.

The pair supported the Building Blitz 2016 which involves building schools and houses for impoverished areas and children in Africa.

Mellon Educate is an international volunteer-based charity which has embarked on a 10-year initiative to provide educational assistance for more than 100,000 of Africa’s most impoverished children.

Michael and Chris hoped to raise £10000 for the charity but actually finished with over £12,000. With the help from friends and family they were able to reach and exceed their initial goals.

Back in June over 30 members of staff from Peter Duffy ltd and DrainsAid took art in the three-peak challenge. The volunteers completed the 25-mile hike helping to raise money for the charity.

In just 7 days Chris and Michael built 13 new classrooms, 2 toilet blocks, 1 kitchen, and renovated 7 other buildings.

This worked out to benefit over 2700 local children in the poorest areas of Africa.

Chris O’Hara has said, “The experience was incredible. It was hard work, 10 hours a day on-sire under the searing sun, helping out on a range of activities – from block laying to plastering, to painting – but it was great fun too.”

“There was a huge camaraderie between all the volunteers – a lot of laughter and tears, inspiring meetings with the children, their parents and their teachers and an incredible and humbling opportunity to witness first-hand the impact our efforts will make on the children’s lives”.

Kaylesha Township is an impoverished township on the outskirts of Cape Town with an estimated population of 1.2 million people, living in squalid conditions with no running water or sanitation.

All in all, the combined contributions for Building Blitz 2016 saw the coming together of 280 volunteers, 180 veterans, 100 first timers, 200 from Ireland and 80 from the UK.

DrainsAid are and always will be committed to helping out those less fortunate. We do as much as we can to help local communities abroad and at home.

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