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Hot CIPP Liner Rehabilitates Sewer in Lancashire

Due to damage caused by root ingress, a vitrified clay sewer line in Lancashire required proactive rehabilitation works to prevent further deterioration. DrainsAid were tasked with the manhole to manhole installation of a 225m x 300mm Hot CIPP Liner. Planning


DrainsAid M-Coating Unit - Manhole Rehabilitation - Brotherton

M-Coating Manhole Rehabilitation In North Yorkshire

The Task Yorkshire Water called upon DrainsAid to restore two deteriorating manholes next to Brotherton & Byram Primary School and Old North bypass in North Yorkshire. The repair was required to prevent pollution incidents effecting a nearby woodland. The two


Diversion flow DrainsAid Bowden Housteads Sheffield

DrainsAid Prevent Pollution Risk In Sheffield Woodland

Long-standing partner Yorkshire Water awarded DrainsAid a contract to reduce pollution incidents arising in Bowden Housteads Woodland, Sheffield. A high pollution risk was identified in a severely damaged and root infested sewer beneath the Sheffield Parkway dual carriageway and further