Drains Aid - Team

When there is a problem with your drains or plumbing, the natural reaction is to want to get help as quickly as possible to solve the issue. For home owners and businesses alike it can be tricky to know exactly who to get that help from. At DrainsAid we understand that knowing who to call for the correct service is important so have put together this information to help explain how drain contractors and plumbers differ.

Types of repairs

The main difference between drain contractors and plumbers concerns the type of work they carry out. Plumbers generally deal with issues that involve water entering a building, for example leaks in the bathroom, dripping taps or internal pipe problems.

In contrast, drain contractors deal with problems with waste water and drainage that are most commonly found underneath and external to your home or business. Whilst the effects of problems such as foul smells or slow drainage may manifest themselves inside – the cause is usually external and will need dealing with by a drain specialist.


As well as carrying out the required repairs to drainage pipes (such as unblocking, relining or replacement), drain contractors are also able to provide expert surveys and investigations. This allows them to identify potential as well as existing issues with your drains allowing them to propose remedial and preventative measures to stop the problem getting too serious.

Waste removal

Drain contractors are also experts in waste removal and would be able to assist with such works as emptying of septic tanks and cesspools. Part of this service would be to identify any blockages on the associated drainage to ensure it keeps functioning correctly.

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