RO-KA-TECH DrainsAid

A select few lucky members of the DrainsAid team are currently in Kassel, Germany attending the RO-KA-TECH 2019 Trade Fair!

The International Trade Fair for Pipe and Sewer Technology takes place in Germany every year, giving companies like us the chance to see and learn about the latest, state of the art drainage technology.  

The three-day exhibition, which is being held from the 8th – 10th of May, is a testament to the constant development and innovation within our industry.

This year, RO-KA-TECH welcomes 300 exhibitors from 22 different countries to share their knowledge and innovative equipment with the 10000 trade visitors who attend, ourselves included!

Each year, DrainsAid visit the RO-KA-TECH exhibition to comply with our aim to remain a leading drainage company in Yorkshire and to ensure company development. Attending the event, is another step forward in remaining at the forefront of our continuously evolving industry.