DrainsAids M Coating System

Leading drainage repair and maintenance specialist, DrainsAid, has invested in one the industry’s most innovative technologies, the new M-Coating system, which has already attracted a lot of interest from customers and the drainage industry alike.

The new computer-controlled spray lining system, which has opened up new and exciting opportunities for the business, allows the company to effectively rehabilitate manholes of any size in a fraction of the time usually required by traditional repair methods.

Showcasing the trailer-mounted system’s impressive features, DrainsAid has been working with Yorkshire Water at a site in rural North Yorkshire, helping the company repair several defective manholes which form part of a combined sewerage system serving the village of Hampsthwaite near Harrogate.

Ben McCluskey, Project Manager at DrainsAid, said:

“We have worked with Yorkshire Water for many years, and they have always been keen to use innovative solutions, particularly when they improve safety due to less man-entry, drastically minimise disruption and reduce the overall cost of repair.

“We carried out an initial survey which revealed that the chamber was suffering from groundwater infiltration, a flow test confirmed that the water ingress represented almost 1 litre per minute, which soon adds up!

If left to continue, the long term impact could have been considerable, and so we needed to ensure that this project went as quickly and effectively as possible, and fortunately for both our client and us, the M-Coating system was the only solution capable of resolving this issue so efficiently.”

The M-Coating system provides a three stage rehabilitation process in the form of cleaning, repairing and coating. Initially, the high pressure cleaning head cleans the manhole and after blocking the infiltration the chamber is spray-lined with a specialist mortar using a computer-controlled centrifugal spray head, completely refurbishing it in minutes.

“The environmental and financial consequences of not rehabilitating defective manholes can be high, and so the M-Coating system is an ideal solution for this type of application. It delivers the mortar to the chamber at a rate of 5000rpm, achieving a remarkably even coating”

Yorkshire Water confirmed that The M-Coating system successfully repaired the chambers with no disruption to the local environment. In addition Yorkshire Water confirmed that the system had significant cost saving advantages compared to other manhole repair techniques.