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Whilst commercial drains are usually different to drains found in domestic properties in terms of their size and drainage volume, problems that can occur are often very similar. Blockages, in particular, are a common issue which affect both domestic and commercial drains alike. Here are some tips for dealing with this should it arise:

  1. Take preventative measures

The old adage that prevention is better than cure definitely applies to drains. It is really important to ensure that problem items do not find their way into your drainage system. This means making sure only toilet paper is flushed down the toilet. Items such as nappies, dental floss, sanitary towels and tampons should not be disposed of in this easy and are likely to cause problems if they are. Food waste and oil are also common culprits when it comes to drain problems and should not be flushed down the sink either. It’s a good idea to make sure any employees are aware of these things.

  1. Try to clear the blockage

If you do have a blockage there are some actions that can be taken that could help resolve the problem. For example, pouring hot water down a plug hole can help to alleviate a build-up of fat or grease in the drain. Taking time to regularly to check outside drains for a build-up of debris (for example leaves or twigs) is also a good idea to prevent them becoming clogged-up.

  1. Seek professional help

If trying to resolve the problem yourself has not worked, it may be best to speak to an expert. Professional drainage service providers will be able to identify the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution, preventing further issues or damage from occurring. They can also carry out regular maintenance checks too which can help identify potential issues before they become more serious threats.

DrainsAid are based in Wakefield and provide commercial drainage services in the local area including Leeds as well as throughout the UK. Our range of services include 24-hour reactive blockage clearance, re-lining, spray lining, cleansing and de-silting and planned preventative maintenance. For more information or to book an appointment with one of our expert technicians, please get in touch now on 0800 0180123.