When we installed a defibrillation machine at our Head Office gatehouse, of course we hoped it would never be needed by the local community. Nevertheless, we registered it with the emergency service and it was added to the list of machines that can be accessed by the public, under instruction from a medical responder.

In February this year, Rachael Coyne suddenly collapsed at her son’s home while visiting him in the neighbourhood. The ambulance service immediately directed him to the defibrillator and he was able to act quickly, before the ambulance arrived, following instructions by phone and ultimately, saving Rachael’s life.

She wrote to Peter Duffy Limited to offer her thanks and to let us know that, despite being in hospital for 8 weeks and in a coma for 5 days, she has recovered from the cardiac arrest and since undergone a mitral valve repair.

We would like to wish Rachael a speedy and full recovery and extend our thanks to her son and the emergency services who’s teamwork and actions no doubt avoided a sad tragedy.