Brawoliner Drum DN 800

DrainsAid have recently invested in two new pieces of equipment; the BRAWO Drum DN 800 and the Hachler CL50 Milling Robot.


The stainless steel BRAWO inversion drum is ideal for vertical inversion and the rehabilitation of long sections of pipes.

The drum has a large viewing window allowing for optical control during the inversion process. It has a drum axle with water connection, meaning the liner can be filled easily without the need to open the drum, as well as a large hand wheel to regulate the speed of inversion.

This new addition to our fleet will allow for the easiest and most effective installation of our Brawoliner into vertical small diameter pipes that have multiple bends or changes in diameter.

Brawoliner training using our new inversion drum

The HACHLER CL50 Milling Robot

Hachler CL50

The Hachler CL50 is also perfect for use on small diameter pipes of 52mm to 155mm. The CL50 is equipped with an extremely strong air motor and an integrated slipping gearing.  This not only protects the milling arm, but also ensures that the cutter cannot get stuck in a lateral connection.

The robot’s pneumatic drive enables it to climb up steeply inclined pipes and negotiate 90 degree bends. Constant internal pressure ensures it is protected from water penetration.

The milling work is monitored by an internal colour camera with LED lighting  and mobile control unit.

The CL50, which is also known as the ‘Climbolino’, can remove deposits, roots and pipe edges, and cut lateral connections, even in pipes with limited access.

The DrainsAid fleet also includes the robots larger equivalent, the CL80, which can be used for drains with diameters of 80mm to 225mm.

The Hachler CL50 compared to the CL80