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Whilst some drainage problems require specialist help to resolve, many others have common causes which can easily be addressed. Here are some of the main reasons drains become blocked along with both preventative and remedial measures you can take to avoid common drain problems:

Surface water

If there is a build-up of silt in the pipe, or it is blocked by debris such as fallen leaves, then the pipes ability to carry away water is greatly reduced. This means that over a prolonged period of time or after heavy, sudden rain fall, there is an increased likelihood of surface water and flooding. It is therefore important to inspect pipes regularly as well as remove any build-up with rods or high pressure water jetting.

Oil and fat          

One of the most common reasons for blockages in the kitchen is the build-up of grease within the walls of the pipes. This restricts the amount of water than can flow away down the sink. To reduce the likelihood of problems occurring it is vital to dispose of oil and fat correctly. Do not pour it down the sink, instead put waste oil and fat into a jar and allow it to cool before placing in a bin.

Toilet and bathroom

This is another area where problems are surprisingly frequent. Toilets usually become blocked due to the in proper disposal of items such as nappies, face wipes and sanitary products. All of these things should be thrown away in a bin rather than attempted to be flushed away.

If you are not sure what is causing the blockage, or the drain needs urgent attention, it is best to call an expert rather than attempt to resolve the problem yourself and inadvertently make it worse. If you need more advice or professional help to deal with your drainage problems then please call DrainsAid today on 0800 0180123.