Drains Aid - Pipe Lining

DrainsAid recently undertook a large CIPP lining scheme in Hinderwell, North Yorkshire. The works consisted of re lining 1.3km of 225mm diameter combined sewer which ran from the village of Hinderwell to a YW sewage treatment works, the sewer suffered from over capacity of flows, root infestation at various locations and heavy infiltration. The line ran through both farmland and highway and consisted of a variety of challenging locations with various issues to overcome through the scheme.

We decided that for certain lengths a steam cure application would be an ideal solution to make for a speedy installation time and would reduce the install time and perform better against infiltration, as the liner cures quicker using steam than hot water. Due to the long lengths involved we also utilised steam to be able to install multiple lengths in ‘one shot’.

We had only previously installed one liner using steam so the works at this site were going to be a test for the team to install and develop this technique using their previous knowledge of lining combined with a new technique. Malcolm MacDonald, Wayne Egan, Nic Maricic, Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Egan and the other guys who assisted at various points took to the challenge with great enthusiasm and determination to install these liners with the new technique and enhance DrainsAids capabilities and potential solutions. The scheme was completed successfully and we can now confidently offer clients various solutions on other projects and contracts.

The advantages of using steam curing are the installation and cure time are a lot quicker than traditional methods, the site footprint is largely reduced and we have the option to get equipment in and out of difficult locations with ease.