Jet Pack Unit

Water companies up and down the UK are turning up the heat up on fats, oils and grease in the attempt to prevent fatbergs from building up and blocking drains and sewers.

Over the past 2 years, the DrainsAid team in Wakefield has been working with local authorities to help advise them on the best ways to tackle problems arising from improper disposal of fats, oils and grease. Like many other drainage companies around the UK, we know how problematic these three food wastes have on drains, creating fatbergs, which are blocking Yorkshire drains, and affecting businesses and homeowners throughout the area.
Because of these issues, our blocked drain experts are delighted to hear that water companies are taking serious action on the issue, particularly focusing on food service establishments because of the disproportionate number of blockages in areas with restaurants. To do this, they are planning to address poor kitchen practices and fitting basic grease management equipment to prevent the build up of fats.

Fats, oils and grease are getting into the sewer network because of the increased amount of food being constantly washed away in sinks, pot washing, cleaning of appliances and floor gulley’s.
At DrainsAid, our experts in Wakefield can install grease traps for preventative measures as well as jetting and removing fats, oils and grease in areas of drainage already effected in order to reduce the number of blocked drains and the possibility of investigation, fines and prosecution.

DrainsAid specialise in sewerage operations, including emergency repairs and maintenance of the whole sewerage network. Established for over 44 years, our business has grown to a 22-acre site in Wakefield, which helps us to service drains across the whole of the Yorkshire area, including Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and the UK as a whole.

If you would like to speak to DrainsAid about our preventative measures to stop fatbergs, please contact our Wakefield team on 0800 018 0123.