lateral launch full set up

Drainsaid held a demonstration morning at their head office located in Wakefield showcasing their most innovative drain & sewer investigation equipment.

The event was focused around our recently ordered IPEK Rovion SAT II Lateral Launch Inspection System. This innovative new unit is used for the inspection of lateral connections via a mainline camera, which launches a secondary camera into the lateral from the main sewer, as and when a lateral is identified.

This unit has many benefits including:

• 300m main sewer camera cable

• 45m lateral launch capability

• Capable of inspection in DN2000 main sewer

• Capable of inspection in DN50 – DN150 lateral connections

• Fully steerable crawler unit

• New and improved feeder for push rod launch

Also on show was our Laser Profiling Unit which uses a laser to project a profile on to the surface of the pipe and feedback accurate information about the shape, capacity and deformation. It can provide both pre and post lining assessments. All this is done in conjunction with a normal CCTV survey and allows you to quantify information of the pipe which helps in analysis and decision making for refurbishment.

The successful event was attended by key decision makers within the water industry keen to see the newest, innovative products at their disposal.

The IPEK Rovion SAT II Lateral Launch Inspection System will be an exciting new addition to our established fleet, allowing us to undertake jobs previously not possible, providing much more investigation scope for our valued clients.